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Our products contain all natural, perfectly cut leaves to be used for rolling blunts.

Taste the difference with Jungo Leaf Wraps.

Browse our wide variety of flavors and sizes at the best prices.

Unique flavor of all-natural tobacco leaves

About Us

Know About Jungo Leaf

Rap legends, Quavo and Takeoff from the group Migos are known to be connoisseurs of fine cannabis rolled in Grabba leaves. The obvious next step was for them to create their own brand of Whole Leaf Fronto and Cut Fronto blunt wraps. We were more than thrilled to translate Qua and Take’s god-like presence into a vibrant and dramatic depiction of foliage “Straight Out the Jungo”. The loud, gold enshrined Jungo Leaf logo pops at shelf, creating a bullseye in a very cluttered and competitive marketplace.

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What We Offer


What We Offer

Premium Products

With hundreds of products, Cigar Standard is here to provide you, the consumer, with nothing but the best in quality.

Expertise & Value

Our team, with decades of experience, has carefully handpicked the very best in product quality.

Ease of Access

Our online store and database is so simple and easy to use, you’re only a few clicks away from ordering what you want!

Best Tobacco Leaf Blend

It takes an endless process to find the best produce for the best products. But, we promise to maintain the caliber of our products. We at Jungo Leaf are your smoking experts.

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